COVID–19 NEWS   Owners of premises in buildings allowed to determine protocol on wearing of face mask at their venue - Johor Exco | Italy greenlights Omicron-adapted COVID-19 booster shots | New COVID-19 cases down 16.9 pct last week | Japan to simplify COVID-19 airport quarantine procedures | EMA endorses Omicron-adapted COVID-19 vaccines | 
Super League: Penang 1-0 KL City
Malaysia still has 54 per cent of forested areas in the entire country, the percentage will increase following ongoing aggressive reforestation measures – PM Ismail Sabri
Malaysia is committed to carrying out its responsibilities and roles to ensure environmental conservation and sustainability - PM Ismail Sabri
New technology is an incentive for nations to switch to renewable energy; however this new technology must be affordable for developing countries - PM Ismail Sabri
The biggest problem in the UN is the Security Council; the power of veto is often misused to favour the world powers that have it, which makes it impossible for conflicts to be resolved - PM Ismail Sabri
Now is the time to abolish the veto power; the UN needs to return to its foundation - PM Ismail Sabri.
The conflicts and crises that occur in the world, including in Ukraine, Palestine and Myanmar, cannot be resolved due to the debility of the global governance system and the UN - PM Ismail Sabri

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