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23 drunk drivers arrested, 500 fined for speeding over weekend in Fiji

Last update: 23/12/2019
SUVA, (FIJI), Dec 23 -- Twenty-three drivers were arrested in Fiji for drunk-driving over the weekend and 500 drivers fined for speeding, reported Xinhua News Agency.

Fiji Police Force Director for Traffic Mahesh Mishra said Monday that drivers continued to try and beat the system but police would conduct random checks on all types of vehicles during this festive season.

More than 1,300 traffic infringement notices were issued over the weekend and more than 500 drivers were charged for speeding.

Mishra said drivers are not prioritising safety and drunk-driving remains a concern on Fiji's roads.

He said police aims to address this issue as the "Stop Slaughter on Fiji Roads" campaign continues.

Fiji's Land Transport Authority (LTA) together with the Fiji Police Force and Accident Compensation Commission (ACCF) launched a festive season road safety campaign with the theme "Stop Slaughter on Fiji Roads" earlier this month.

Graphic images have been used to get the message across in a very direct way to maximise the impact of the accident images so people could be more aware.


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