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WHO requires US$1.7 mln to combat growing tuberculosis in Libya

Last update: 05/11/2019
TRIPOLI, Nov 5 -- The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Monday said it requires US$1.7 million to fight growing tuberculosis (TB) in Libya, reported Xinhua News Agency.

TB is a growing public health risk in Libya. Some 250 migrants have been diagnosed with TB in 2018, and this number may double by the end of 2019, WHO tweeted.

"WHO requires 1.7 million dollars to buy essential equipment and medicines, and train doctors and nurses to diagnose and manage TB patients," WHO said.

The healthcare sector in Libya has been suffering from a near-total collapse over the past few years because of the lack of government funds, while most foreign medical personnel had to flee the country under the deteriorating security conditions.

Due to years of armed conflict and instability, Libyan authorities have been struggling to provide proper treatment for diseases such as TB and leishmaniasis.

People in Libya resort to highly expensive private clinics, as public hospitals and medical centres across the country can barely provide services for the people due to lack of funding.


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