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Seaborn´s IP network fully operational

Last update: 29/10/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 -- Seaborn Networks (Seaborn), a leading developer-owner-operator of transoceanic subsea fibre optic cable systems has announced its IP network, Autonomous System Number: 13786 is in full operation.

The network builds upon the delivery and service success of Seabras-1, the only direct connection and leading service delivery network between the commercial centres of Brazil and the United States.

Seaborn’s newly-launched IP network provides high quality, low latency connections for internet service providers (ISPs), telecom operators and global content providers, combining with its industry-leading short installation timelines and dedication to service.

“Our IP network is ideal for ISPs in Brazil looking for quality connections to top content with high levels of adjacency for their customers, and content providers looking to get closer to their end users via Tier 1 mobile and broadband operators in Brazil,” said Seaborn chairman and chief executive officer, Larry Schwartz.

With locations in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New Jersey and New York, Seaborn is able to provide high capacity connections to top quality transit services, content providers and major peering exchanges in these regions.

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