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No sacrifice too great for Mat Redho as he eyes SEA Games gold

Last update: 23/10/2019
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 -- National extreme sports athlete, Mohd Redha Rozlan or better known as 'Mat Redho', is unfazed about the sacrifices he has to undertake in his quest to contribute at least a gold for the nation in the upcoming SEA Games in the Philippines at the end of next month.

Spending little family time, and already forking out some RM20,000 out of his own pocket proves how dedicated this athlete from Pantai Remis, Perak is in trying to get on the podium for the first time since his last SEA Games appearance in Jakarta in 2011.

Mat Redho had contributed a silver in that edition in the speed climb event and after eight years, the three events in obstacle sports will be his latest challenge to get that elusive gold.

“For this games alone, I have spent about RM20,000 of my own money, the rest coming from sponsors. I use all of my winnings from previous competitions for my training.

“I do all these because I love the sport and I want to contribute to the nation. Spending little time with my family and having to forego my work career have been my greatest sacrifice in my quest so far,” he told Bernama.

Mat Redho, 31, turned famous after becoming the first Malaysian to win the Ninja Challenge League (NCL) last year by defeating defending champion and American Ninja Warrior, Jake Murray.

Meanwhile, he could not help but express disappointment on the lack of support for obstacle sports athletes in their preparations for the SEA Games.

“We have limited access here, we only have access to medical checks and the use of the gymnasium, while the rest such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation are from our own pockets.

“So, naturally, this is quite disappointing especially when we have been sacrificing so much ourselves financially for meals, transport and training,” he said.

Mat Redho will be competing in the 100 metres with 10 hurdles, 400 metres with 12 hurdles and the 4x100 relay.


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