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Despatch rider Ganesh sees new beginning with Aiman

Last update: 20/10/2019
Exclusive report by Maizatul Jamny Muhammad Rosli

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 (Bernama) -- Five months back, Aiman Manan, who runs a natural food supplement business, came into contact with freelance despatch rider Ganesh Moorthy, and soon became impressed with the latter’s good demeanour and diligence.

The managing director of Prestige Living said he was drawn to the delivery rider for being polite, well-spoken, and honest, as well as how efficiently he delivered products to customers.

“I told him (Ganesh) that we have deliveries every day, and asked if he could cover the Klang Valley area. We tried his service a couple of times and this guy was pinpoint with his timing.

“Never once late, and when we cross-checked with our customers, they said similar things too, (that Ganesh was) well-spoken, polite and on time,” he wrote on his Facebook page, recently.

The posting drew thumbs-up from many who wished the best for both Aiman and Ganesh, one a Malay and another an Indian - who appreciate one other - something rare these days as the society drifts along the communal lines.

When contacted by Bernama over Aiman's Facebook posting, the Puchong-born Ganesh had this to say: "I will be truly grateful to Abang Aiman forever, I never thought that a stranger could be of so much help to me."

Having lost his mother just two months after he was born and dropping out of school after Form 3, Aiman's kind and motivating words certainly mean a lot to Ganesh, who is now 26.

He began working at fast-food restaurants at age 16, and seven years later, in 2016, he ventured into the delivery service on a freelance basis, and has also been with Grab Food since the second half of 2018.

Ganesh believes in giving his best in whatever he does, and this rings true to his timely delivery and commitment, as he continues with Grab Food deliveries in his part-time while working with Aiman for the past two months.

After Aiman's Facebook posting, Ganesh said he saw his number of customers rise from three to four per day, to 10 per day.

According to Ganesh, he only earned about RM500 a month excluding commissions from Grab Food when he was freelancing, while he earns more than RM2,000 now working with Aiman.

But that's not all. Aiman recently offered Ganesh a job in his company to manage inventory and orders, and Ganesh has taken it up.

“That way, he could learn a thing or two, get a fixed pay from us, and I won’t stop him from doing Grab and his delivery services.

“The only thing he needs to do is plan his day accordingly. I believe this is the way to go and Ganesh is capable of taking on the job.

“Huge potential for a young, bright man. All the best young man,” said Aiman.

It’s good to know there are many Malaysians out there ready to help their fellow countrymen regardless of their backgrounds.


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