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Congestion charges reduce vehicle entry to city centre - Mitrans

Last update: 13/10/2019
By Soon Li Wei

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 -- The introduction of congestion charges can encourage city residents to use public transportations in the Klang Valley at peak hours other than reducing the number of private vehicles entering the city area.

Universiti Teknologi Mara’s Institute of Transportation Malaysia (Mitrans) deputy director Dr Shahrin Nasir said most advanced countries with high density populations had implemented the charges to reduce vehicles on the road.

‘’Normally, their public transportation systems are very efficient especially in terms of accuracy of time and the frequency of trains and buses because the number of passengers are very high during peak hours.

‘’At the same time, the government must encourage operators to boost the efficiency of their public transportations to accommodate the high number of passengers during peak hours.

‘’In addition, the parking rates in the city areas must also be raised to reduce the entry of private vehicles,’’ he said when contacted by Bernama.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Public Transportation Users Association (4PAM) president Ajit Johl said the tabling of Budget 2020 this time was seen as focusing its benefits more on private vehicle owners with the lowering of toll rates and the giving of petrol subsidies.

‘’The direction of the government in encouraging the use of public transportation and private vehicles is very much questioned. Why still encourage city residents to use public transportations but at the same time reduce the toll rates and give petrol subsidies to private vehicles?

‘’It not only adds to the congestion but also contributes to air pollution,’’ he said.

He said other than maintaining the public transport monthly passes, the government must stress on the welfare of e-hailing drivers by providing them with petrol subsidies.

‘’In addition, a Public Transport Tariff Review Committee must be set up to study the public transport ticket tariff rate, and a Public Transport Tribunal, for any complaints from drivers or passengers.

When tabling Budget 2020, Lim said the government aspired to provide up to 500 electric buses of various sizes at a cost of RM450 million in selected cities nationwide to improve public transportation and create clean and green towns.


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