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World´s largest IT forum WCIT launches in Armenia with AI-composed music concert

Last update: 07/10/2019
MOSCOW, Oct 7 -- The 23d World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) forum, the signature event of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), has opened in the Armenian capital city of Yerevan with a concert, during which for the first time ever the music was being composed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in real time, reported Sputnik news agency.

Inaugurated by WITSA in 1978, the WCIT has become the largest international forum for information and communications technology (ICT). The organisation encompasses 90 per cent of the world's ICT market and is represented in 83 states. Hosted in the past by Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Taiwan and India, this year for the first time the WCIT forum will be held in a post-Soviet country.

More than 2,000 delegates from over 70 countries are expected to attend WCIT 2019, among them founders and CEOs of worldly renowned brands for IT, space technologies, innovation and science, as well as state officials, inventors and academics.

This year’s topic is coined as The Power of Decentralisation: Promise and Peril, with topics ranging from artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart cities to cybersecurity, climate change, and the influence thereof on democracy and lives of people. The traditional engagement patterns of the forum are speeches, exhibitions, B2B meetings, and social events.

The forum will run through Wednesday.


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