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Melaka residents thankful government not implementing water rationing

Last update: 28/09/2019
MELAKA, Sept 28 -- People in Melaka have expressed gratitude to the state government for not proceeding to implement scheduled water supply despite the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) allowing it to do so.

A check by Bernama found the residents also praising the state government’s move and efforts to continue using Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad’s water tanker service with the assistance of other state water concession companies, instead of implementing scheduled water supply.

An eatery operator in Ayer Keroh, Ahmad Nazrin Mohamad, 45, said if water rationing is implemented, it would force restaurant owners and traders to close their operations and also affect cleanliness.

“We will bear the losses because we need to stop our business if there is no water. Dishes and cups need to be washed. When water is rationed, the utensils cannot be washed properly,” he told Bernama here.

However, he said if the state government wants to implement scheduled water supply, immediate notice should be given to the affected residents so that they can store up enough water.

A housewife, Maziah Samad, 51, from Alor Gajah, said scheduled water supply would cause people to spend more than usual as there is a need to purchase drinking water for household use.

A daycare centre (Taska) operator in Jasin, Nur Adila Abdul Rahman, 40 said the decision not to proceed with implementation of scheduled water supply was a right move.

She said her taska would have to be closed if it was implemented.

On Thursday, SPAN announced that it had approved SAMB's application to implement scheduled water supply in affected areas to control the use of the remaining raw water beginning Sept 25.

The implementation of the scheduled water supply would have affected 78,405 user accounts in the Bandar Melaka area.

On the same day, the state government, however, through SAMB decided to defer implementation of scheduled water supply as the water levels in rivers and treatment plants have increased.


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