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Patriotic songs should be aired often to boost patriotism - Habsah Hassan

Last update: 13/09/2019
Habsah Hassan
By Nur Fadhilah Hamzah and Muhammad Saufee Rosman

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 -- Patriotic songs should be played more often on television and radio to boost the spirit of patriotism among the people said well-known lyricist Habsah Hassan.

The lyricist of the patriotic song titled ‘Setia’ said the move was also important as part of efforts to inculcate the spirit of love for the country especially among the younger generation.

“Just like when we listen to numbers like ’Jalur Gemilang’ and Jamaluddin Alias's ‘Inilah Barisan Kita’…even at my age, I have a sense of pride and am enthusiastic when I listen to such (patriotic) songs.

”Therefore, the songs should be played more often…it makes us feel like singing along, even if we don’t feel like listening to them,” she told Bernama.

Habsah, 70, also expressed disappointment that the spirit of nationalism among the younger generation was on the decline because of the changing times.

“The feeling of love (for the country) is lacking among young people but we can’t blame them.

“I myself always have a strong spirit (of patriotism)...even during my schooling days. I could get into a fight with my friends if they stepped on our flag. Therefore, I think we can boost the (patriotic) spirit by going back to the basics,” said Habsah who has been involved in the industry for over 40 years.

Commenting on the current trend of mixing the national language with other languages in song lyrics, she said it was not appropriate.

“I understand that the music industry has changed but the uniqueness of our language is not something that can be put at stake,” said the Sudirman’s ‘Salam Terakhir’ song lyricist.

However, Habsah said mixed language could be used in a song which contained comedy elements.

“If a particular song is meant for comedy purposes or contains sarcasm...we can accept it (the use of mixed language). For example, the ‘Dengarlah ini cerita’ by Tan Sri P. Ramlee which contains comedy elements for storytelling purposes,” she added.


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