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Japanese Culinary Academy's e-learning programme teaches authentic Japanese cuisine

Last update: 11/09/2019
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KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 -- The Japanese Culinary Academy in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan has partnered Blue Magic Inc to develop an e-learning programme, japanese-cuisine.com that teaches the culture and technique of authentic Japanese cuisine.

The services began worldwide on July 12, according to a statement.

The Japanese Culinary Academy is a ministry-certified organisation, as defined by the Guidelines for Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries, set by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

The programme covers the level of knowledge and skill required for Bronze certification within those Guidelines.

The academy, as part of its efforts for an accurate understanding of Japanese cuisine worldwide, dispatches instructors for global seminars on Japanese cuisine.

It also accepts students from abroad who study Japanese cuisine in Japan, and has published in English and other languages a serial journal on Japanese cuisine, among other activities.

The Japanese Culinary Academy is positioning this programme as killer content for the promotion of Japanese cuisine worldwide. As the sales arm of this effort, Blue Magic Inc is seeking sales partners to proliferate this promotion.

More information at https://japanese-cuisine.com and https://culinary-academy.jp/english.


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