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Eaton´s Power Defense circuit breakers enhance maintenance, power system protection

Last update: 12/06/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 (Bernama) -- Eaton, a power management company has unveiled its latest innovation in circuit protection technology with the release of the Power Defense molded case circuit breakers.

According to a statement, Eaton’s new and globally certified molded case circuit breaker provides in-depth system visibility and predictive diagnostics in a foundational electrical system component.

It generates real-time, data-driven insights that can improve system reliability and cost savings and optimise operational efficiency for global original equipment manufacturers, commercial construction and data centre applications.

“The Power Defense circuit breakers bring extensive predictive capabilities that enhance the safety and reliability of any power management system. Now, customers can adopt a proactive maintenance approach that ensures resources are better allocated, and downtime is minimised,” said Eaton’s Electrical Sector in East Asia, vice-president (sales), Jimmy Yam.

By adding connectivity and intelligence to circuit protection, Eaton has created an integrated, automated solution that provides both industry-leading circuit protection and ability to generate actionable breaker and power management data.

The globally accredited Power Defense platform meets a variety of industry standards, including applicable UL, International Electrotechnical Committee, China Compulsory Certificate and Canadian Standards Association.

For more information, contact https://www.eaton.com.


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