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RTM to air special Pesta Kaamatan, Gawai Dayak 2019 programmes

Last update: 24/05/2019
KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 (Bernama) -- Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) will air special Pesta Kaamatan and Gawai Dayak programmes for four consecutive days from May 30 to June 2 through its TV1 and TV Okey channels.

The Department of Broadcasting in a statement here said the programmes included three telemovies. TV1 will air one telemovie titled, ‘Demi Si Aki’ at 9 pm on May 31 while TV Okey will air ‘Kisah Suminundu’ the same day.

RTM Sarawak's telemovie titled ‘Kamboh’ will be shown on TV Okey at 8 pm on June 1 and on TV1 at 10.05 am on June 2.

In addition, RTM Sabah will screen a special documentary titled ‘Busking Kaamatan 2019 on TV1 at 4 pm on May 30 and on TV Okey at 3 pm on May 31.

RTM Sarawak will air its ‘Ngabang Gawai’ on TV1 at 2 pm on June 1 and on TV Okey at 3 pm on June 2.

It will also air an English-language magazine programme on the Gawai Dayak celebration titled ‘Ngerandang Jalai Gawai' on TV1 at 2 pm on June 2.

Pesta Kaamatan which falls on May 30-31 is an annual traditional festival of the Kadazandusun community to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

Gawai Dayak is celebrated on June 1-2 by Sarawakians of Dayak descent such as Iban, Bidayuh and Kenyah communities to mark the end of the harvest season.


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