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Over 1,000 villagers urged to leave Karangetang volcano zone in North Sulawesi

Last update: 11/02/2019
HANOI, Feb (Bernama) -- Indonesia’s volcanology agency has urged over 1,000 villagers living in no-go zone of Karangetang volcano in North Sulawesi province to leave the dangerous area as the volcano is spewing hot lava, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

The volcanology agency said three villages Batubulan, Baba and Niambangeng are situated in the dangerous zone of the volcano after the authorities raised the alert status to the second highest on Dec 21 last year.

Around 1,000 – 1,500 residents are living in the villages, which are situated within a 2-2.5km radius from the volcano crater.

The volcanology agency also banned tourists and locals from entering the area in a radius of 4km to the north and northwest of the volcano crater, and 3km to the west of the crater, along with several adjacent areas.

Mount Karangetang is among the 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia.


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