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Sandal replica must be moved to more appropriate place - Perak Mufti's office

06/04/2021 10:36 PM

IPOH, April 6 -- A wooden piece depicting a sandal that was used to decorate a mihrab (semi-circular niche or chamber indicating the direction of Makkah) in a surau in this state should be moved to a more appropriate spot.

The Fatwa Division of the Perak Mufti’s Office (JMNP), in a statement, said the surau or madrasah’s administration must be sensitive to the current environment and public speculation by closing the doors to slander and reject matters which could lead to elements of worship.

Pictures of the wooden piece at the surau in Lenggong have gone viral on social media. 

‘’This is in keeping with the ‘sadd al-zari’ah’ concept which means to close the doors or roads which can lead to what is forbidden.

‘’At the same time, netizens and the public are urged to steer clear of the action of labelling certain quarters with extreme labels such as non-believer, ‘fasiq’ (someone who breaks Islamic Law) and others without performing the process of ‘tabayyun’ (validation of the truthfulness of something) first,’’ the statement issued here today said. 

According to the statement, preliminary investigations found the piece was placed at the mihrab a year ago and the management of the madrasah or surau admitted that it was merely for decorative purposes.

‘’After scrutinising with care and in a just manner, we find the intention of those involved was to express love for Muhammad SAW. But the action had led rise to various assumptions and statements which were inappropriate to this sacred religion’s affairs,’’ it read. 

According to the statement, the issue of the sandals was linked to ‘tabarruk’ (seeking goodness by virtue of touching or being close to something belonging to the prophet), namely, taking blessings from something related to the relics of Prophet Muhammad.

‘’The rule of tabarruk with the relics of the prophet is indeed permitted in Islam based on valid hadith (sayings of the prophet Muhammad), but it must be a direct effect of the relics of the prophet such as sandals, cup, Prophet’s hair and others. But the replica is no longer mentioned as ‘athar al-nabiy’ (something linked to Prophet Muhammad).

‘’Love for the prophet and for the pious in the eyes of Allah can be expressed in various appropriate ways and approaches and must steer clear of giving room to things which can bring bid’ah (any innovation in religious matters), tahyul (superstitition), khurafat (absurdity) and others which are far away from syariah teachings,’’ he said.


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