Thursday, 13 Aug 2020
31/07/2020 01:48 PM

IPOH, July 31  -- The effectiveness of military and police personnel in carrying out their duties has successfully defended Malaysia as a sovereign independent nation, enabling the people of various races and religions to live together in peace and harmony.

The Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah said in upholding the trust to defend the sovereignty of the country’s independence and fulfilling the responsibility of preserving the peace of the country, many security forces personnel lost their lives, or were injured.

“While we are enjoying Aidiladha delicacies, being happy with family and neighbours, many armed forces and police personnel are carrying out their duties on land, water, and air, and facing various threats,” he said at the Aidiladha and Warriors’ Day celebration at Syed Putra Army Camp here today.

Citing an incident involving Lieutenant Adnan Said who fought against the Japanese at Bukit Candu on Feb 14, 1942, and Sergeant Jamil Mohd Shah in defending the Bukit Kepong police station from communist attacks on Feb 23, 1950, Sultan Nazrin said both the events proved the high level of sacrifice, courage, tenacity, and perseverance of the military and police force to fulfil the trust.

Sultan Nazrin said the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) have also succeeded in upholding the principles of undivided loyalty to the King and country.

In his royal address, the Perak Ruler said Aidiladha this year is celebrated on Warriors’ Day to appreciate and commemorate the services and sacrifices of the security forces, especially those who were killed in the line of duties.

“The people and I who prioritise peace, greatly appreciate the sacrifice of every police and armed forces personnel. May their sacrifices be accepted as the charity in the life hereafter,” he said while inviting the audience to applaud the security forces.

As a Ruler who is sensitive to all issues, Sultan Nazrin said that leaders either in word or deed must set an example to cultivate the spirit of mutual understanding and respect so that the people live in harmony in a peaceful and prosperous country.

He said national defence would be fragile if the people of all races fail to establish harmonious relations and the people would become stronger when they successfully find the meeting points and appreciate the spirit of unity in diversity.

At the Aidiladha celebration, Sultan Nazrin said: “Consider the failure to meet the desire to perform Haj this year as a test from God, which requires sacrifice, and may Allah replace this sacrifice with a better reward.

“We also pray to Allah to bring us the best solution to face the COVID-19 pandemic, which is life-threatening all the time,” he added.




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