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Commotion at USJ temple not racial issue

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 (Bernama) -- The fast action by the police to stem a fracas at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, USJ 25, Putra Heights today which  witnessed17 men arrested in less than 24 hours, has eased tension in the community.

The police's clarification that the commotion at the temple had nothing to do with racial disputes was a relief to the entire Malaysian plural society as it was actually due to the issue of the transfer of the temple  to a new location in Putra Heights, located about three kilometres from the original temple site.....

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Fracas in Ipoh not racial - deputy Perak CPO

The police urge the public not to make any speculation or comment that can affect public order.


Police nab nine, including four policemen at drug lab

Further investigation led to the arrest of four police personnel on Friday and Saturday to assist in the investigation, but we are still seeking to determine how the policemen were involved.


Public gathered outside temple in usj 25 urged to disperse

I insist once again to those who have gathered there not to worsen the situation as the case is still being investigated by the police.


Don't issues racist statements - Muhyiddin

"I take this incident very seriously and will not tolerate any party trying to disturb the harmony and peace of the nation.


17 detained over commotion at temple - IGP

All aspects are being investigated transparently and we will take stern action against the culprits.


Confusion over maintenance areas among cause of flash floods in Selangor 

We have identified the measures to be taken and we have prepared an inventory for the departments involved. We will also be calling for meetings to ensure all infrastructure have owners and is maintained according to the key performance indicators (KPI).


Selangor MB wants no racist statement over temple incident

I have made it clear that no one should issue statements that can be hurtful or unpleasant. We should leave the matter to the police to enable them to investigate what actually happened.


Increased population among factors free water only for B40 group - Amirudin

As a result we have to rationalise government spending based on current situation and the state's financial position.


Perak PAC to report former MB's refusal to attend public hearing

When an individual is called to give a statement to the PAC, there should be a basis for it and that individual is usually called to make clarifications after the audit report is out, when an agency or a subsidiary company is found to have problems, but not at a public hearing like this.


Teen dies in freak swing accident at Kepong Metropolitan Park

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 (Bernama) - A 15-year-old girl was killed when her head was stuck on an iron bar of a swing  at the Kepong Metropolitan Park here, yesterday.


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Plot against Perak MB: MACC to call up ADUN again


Bid to topple Perak MB: MACC records statement from Tebing Tinggi Assemblyman


Remains of Kuching mall blast victim due home tomorrow


'Families are grieving, give them space' - Chong


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