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Water cuts in Seremban, Port Dickson following contamination

Last Update: 10/12/2019

SEREMBAN, Dec 10 -- Consumers in several areas in Seremban and Port Dickson are facing water supply disruption after traces of oil were found in Sungai Linggi yesterday.

Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan Sdn Bhd (SAINS) Public Relations chief Norzita Ismail in a statement today said due to raw water contamination, the Sungai Linggi water treatment plant was immediately shut down.

She said in Seremban district the affected areas include Taman Pinggiran Senawang, Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak, RTM, Ladang Batu 11, the GMP factory, Senawang R&R, Senawang Perdana, Taman Ulu Lalang, Kampung (Kg) Solok, Kg. Ribu, Kg. Sega Ulu, Kg. Sega Hilir, Jalan Kuala Sawah, Ladang Kuala Sawah, Kg. Nyatoh, Rumah Rakyat Nyatoh and Kuala Sawah town.

Also affected are Kg. Belangkan, Nilam Ribu Industrial Area, Tmn. Bandar Ekar, Rantau town, Kg. Takau, Kg. Pening, Kg. Kancong, Tmn. Rantau, Jln. Air Kuning, Tmn. Permata, Kg. Linsum, Kg. Siliau Hulu, Kg. Siliau Hilir, Ladang Siliau, Kg. Sg. Sendayan and the surrounding areas..

In Port Dickson district, the areas are PD Water Front, PD town and the Golf & Country Club, PD Perdana, Desa Lagoon Resort, 5th Mile camps at Jalan Pantai, Selesa Beach Resort, Tanjung Tuan Resort, Bayu Beach Resort, 4th Mile camps at Jln. Pantai, Seri Malaysia Hotel, Avillion Hotel, Risda Hotel, Cabot factory, Corus Hotel, Sunshine Bay Hotel, SDASA, Petron Refinery, Shell Refinery (Line 1&2), Hemodialysis Centre 1st Mile Jalan. Pantai,

Other areas are TNB (Tuanku Jaafar), Le Paris Hotel, Health Clinic (former hospital), Seafront Hotel, Lexis Hotel, Glory Beach Resort, Grandpa Hotel,  Dataran Segar, Lukut town including Spring Hill area, Kualiti Alam & Jimah Power Plant, Escort Estate, Kg. Sawah Sunggala, Bandar Sunggala, Tmn. Sirusa Jaya 6th Mile Jalan Pantai, entire area at 5th Mile Jalan Pantai, Kg. Baru Sirusa, Jalan Sua Betong, Tmn. Desa PD, Kg. Barisan, Air Kuning up to Tampin Linggi.

Also affected are areas at 4th Mile Jalan Pantai, Kg. Bagan Pinang, Tmn. PD Utama, Tmn. Raja Zainal, Tmn. Too Kee Kah, Transit Quarters, Jln. Shell Refinery, Happy Garden, 1st MIle area Jln. Pantai up to PD town, from PD town in Jln. Lama to Kg. Chokra, Tmn. Muhibah, Tmn. Puteri, Kg. Arab, Tmn PD Akasia, Kg. Air Meleleh, Kg Gelam, Tmn PD Tropika, Tmn Sri Mawar and Jln. Bypass.

 Kg. Paya area, Tanjung Gemok, Tmn. Kiara, Tmn. Sri Intan, Tmn. Ria, Tmn. Negeri Lama & Baru, Tmn. Pantai Mas, Kg. Kuala Lukut, Tmn. Sentosa Lama & Baru, Tmn. PD Jaya, Tmn. Naga, Tmn. Indah Baru, Tmn. Bandar Baru, Tmn. Indah Wang, Tmn. Aman, Tmn. Bukit Tinggi, Rumah Rakyat Pekan Lukut, Tmn. Desaru, Sri Parit area, Tmn. Indah Jaya, Lukut Indah Industrial area are also affected.

Other areas are Tmn Wawasan, Tmn Jaya, Tmn Tun Sambanthan, 6th Mile and 7th Mile Jln. Seremban up to Simpang Siliau, Bukit Palong Industrial Area, Tmn. Lukut Makmur, Tmn. D’Pinggiran Kota, Tmn. Ambang Kota, Perdana Bukit Palong Industrial Area, Kebun Jimah, Jimah Lama, Tmn Jimah Jaya, Tanah Merah Site C, Bukit Pelandok and Chuah.

She said it would take some time to treat the contaminated raw water and hoped consumers would be able to bear with the unexpected water disruption.

Customers who are in need of assistance are advised to call SAINS at its 1-800-88-6982 toll free line.



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