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Kelantan folks staying indoors to avoid hot weather

Last Update: 02/03/2019

KOTA BHARU, March 2 (Bernama) -- The current hot and humid conditions in most states have deterred people from going outdoors or even visit the shopping malls during the weekends.

Though traffic on the main roads of Kota Bharu was seen to be busy, a check by Bernama found the shopping streets around Pengkalan Chepa and Kota Bharu quite deserted as many preferred to stay home or remain in their offices to avoid the heat.

A restaurant helper here, Aliah Ismail, 23, said customers who came to the restaurant during the day would park their cars close to restaurant to avoid walking in the heat. 

“Some of the regular customers will only come for dinner when the weather is not so warm, even though the restaurant is air-conditioned,” she said adding that most would also order non-greasy food nowadays.

A Kota Bharu Municipal Council (MPKB) worker, who only wants to be known as Fendi, 49, said he and his colleagues would try to clean up the areas before 11am.

"If we have to work in the afternoon, I will place a wet washcloth around my neck to keep myself cool and prevent heat exhaustion. 

A contractor from Kpg KADA, Faizal Muhammad, 31, said with the current hot and dry weather he would work according to time.

“If I have to do roof repairs I will usually do it early in the morning, and leave the flooring work later in the afternoon where there is shelter from the heat," he said.

Fisherman Mohd Seri Mat Awin, 49, from Teluk Renjuna Bay said though the monsoon season is not over yet, he and his friends could still go out to fish during during this hot and dry weather.

“The only thing is I have to drink more water these days to prevent heat stroke and dehydration,” he said.




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