C4LXB307Ugk 241 kilo-grouper caught off Semarang, near Labuan waters
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241 kilo-grouper caught off Semarang, near Labuan waters

Last Update: 08/02/2019

LABUAN, Feb 8 (Bernama) -- A Labuan fisherman has reeled from the depths a monstrous grouper that he described as 'a fish of a golden time.'

He told the local fishmongers here, he had  no idea how much that fish means to him and would probably never catch another one that big ever again.

He landed the grouper, with rod and reel, after a surprisingly short almost half an hour fight.

The fisherman who used to sell ocean's resources to fishmongers here went fishing around the waters of Sumandak Charlie Semarang oil rig few days before the biggest catch with other fishermen and caught the 241kg giant fish locally known as 'Keratang'.

The fish was only taken to ashore to the Labuan wet market on Wednesday.

"The Keratang had been bought over by a local fish noodle 'taukey' the same day for RM13,255.00," said a fish monger, Rosli to Bernama.

His catch caught attention among the fishmongers and locals here.

Labuan especially around the Semarang waters is popular for deep sea fishing.




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