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Drainage Upgrading Works 'Cracking Up' Residents

Last Update: 06/03/2018

TANJONG  KARANG, March 6 (Bernama) -- All cracked up. Some 30 families in Taman  Sri Jaya, here are living in fear after cracks appeared in the walls of their homes following upgrading works to the drainage system.

What irks the residents even more is the Kuala Selangor District Council (MDKS)-appointed contractor appears to be taking its own time in completing the works which were embarked upon since early January.

According to a resident Rusli Muhamad Ishak, 55, several complaints were filed against the contractor but to date they have not received any feedback.

As a result, he said, some residents wanted to carry out repairs on their homes but they found it rather costly so nothing had been done.

"Most of the people living in this area are poor and elderly so they do not have the means to carry out the repair works.

"For this reason, we hope the contractor will be able to complete the drainage project as soon as possible and take the responsibility to repair the damage to our houses," he said when met by reporters here today.

Another resident Fatimah Munawar, 68, also expressed her frustrations as the drainage works also posed a danger especially to the elderly and children as the trenches which had been dug were not covered properly.

"When the notice on the drainage upgrading works was issued to the residents early this year, the Selangor government (through the MDKS) asked for our consent.

"... but now after all these problems we are disappointed...each time they dig a trench in front of our houses the ceilings will give way.

"We also have to watch our steps when getting out of the house lest we fall into some hole," she said.

Meanwhile, Tanjong Karang UMNO division youth chief, Maruwan Ahmad told reporters he had appealed to the contractor's representative to immediately complete the project and help repair the damaged houses.

He said the upgrading works, which had affected the structure of houses and roads, was not a trivial issue.

"The contractor has assured us that the project will be completed by the middle of this month and has also promised that they will help residents with their home repairs," he said after visiting the housing area today.





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