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Uruguay one step closer to protecting trans rights, Senate approves bill

Last update: 12/10/2018
MONTEVIDEO, Oct 12 (BERNAMA-NNN-TELESUR) -- The social movement Trans Union of Uruguay arrived at the Senate steps to deliver the 60,000 signatures in support of the Comprehensive Law for Trans People, which was passed by the legislative Commission on Population Development and Inclusion the same day.

The Senate will vote next week on the measure that, if passed by the full Senate and later the lower house, would provide some possibility for minors to have gender reassignment hormone therapy without parental or guardian permission, which is currently required. 

As is, the bill would also protect the transgenders’ rights to their “free development of personality according to their chosen gender identity, irrespective of their biological, genetic, anatomical, morphological (or) hormonal” aspects.

Specifically, the measure would ensure that transgendered receive a certain percentage of public and private educational scholarships and access to the National Integrated Health System.

The law also allows trans people to define and express their gender that may fall outside male-female binary classification, no matter their age or "their evolutionary psycho-sexual development," according to local media.

Marcos Otheguy of the Frente Amplio (FA) or Wide Front said his party has played "a very active role” in promoting the bill and similar gender and human rights policies.....


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