- Stephen Hawking "an extraordinary man and a pioneer" - IPC
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Stephen Hawking "an extraordinary man and a pioneer" - IPC

Last update: 14/03/2018
LONDON, March 14 (Bernama) -- The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) on Wednesday hailed Stephen Hawking as "an extraordinary man and a pioneer" for all people after the renowned theoretical physicist died at the age of 76, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

IPC president Andrew Parsons, who is attending the PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games, said in a statement, "Professor Stephen Hawking was an extraordinary man and a pioneer for all people with an impairment around the world. He embodied the word "ability" more than anyone.

"In the paralympic movement, we always say that para athletes see challenges as opportunities to do things differently. Although not a para athlete, Hawking did just that by finding innovative solutions to overcome his disability and continue his ground breaking work as a world leading physicist.

"We are eternally grateful that he was involved in the 2012 London Paralympic Games and his words during the opening ceremony were truly magical.

"Hawking said the Paralympic Games transform people's perceptions of the world, and thanks to his inspirational work we know far more about the world that we live today," said the statement.....


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