- Snippets At 2014 World Badminton Championships
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Snippets At 2014 World Badminton Championships

Last update: 30/08/2014
From Mazani Chan Yat Sin

COPENHAGEN, Aug 29 (Bernama) -- The following are snippets of the 2014 BWF World Badminton Championships at Ballerup Super Arena, here:


The Danish government has ensured the roads in the country are in tip-top condition in line with its status as a developed European country.

An observation by Bernama found most roads in the Scandinavian country, regardless of whether it is a main road or pedestrian walkway or a cycling path, it is well-maintained.

Even more interesting is that the Danish government builds highways without imposing any charges on users and the only place Danish motorists have to pay toll is at the bridge connecting the country to Sweden.

Highway construction in Denmark is financed via high taxes collected by the government from high income residents and calculated through a progressive income taxation system.


Senior citizens in Denmark especially women, aged between 70 to 80 years, are still active with daily activities such as doing light exercise in the morning.....


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