- Do Not Let In Too Many Goals, Says National Coach
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Do Not Let In Too Many Goals, Says National Coach

Last update: 21/03/2014
IPOH, March 21 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian national hockey squad needs to keep the score low when playing against Australia in their fifth match tomorrow in order to book a berth in the finals.

And at the same time hoping that their Asian rival, South Korea did not hammer South Africa in their last match to move into the final on goal difference.

"To be honest, Australia are in a different class and playing them will be a great experience for the team.

"I hope the boys will put on a good show and try to play well. We need to make sure we do not let in too many goals so that we have another chance to play them in the final," said national coach, Muhammad Dhaarma Raj Abdullah when asked about Malaysia's final match against the Aussies.

"They (the Australian team) are the strongest team and they were also competing at the World Cup. If we can gain one point (through a draw with Australia) it is okay, even if we get three points, it is better for the team. We just do not want to lose (in big margin)," he added.....


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