- Abdul Rashid Attempts Early 'Breakaway'
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Abdul Rashid Attempts Early 'Breakaway'

Last update: 28/02/2014
TAIPING, Feb 28 (Bernama) -- National cyclist Abdul Rashid Ibrahim is beginning to show what he is capable of when he made an early breakaway after the neutral zone.

The 21-year-old rider from Negeri Sembilan kept his breakaway pace until the second sprint zone in Merbau Pulas before returning to the peloton.

"After 0 km, I did not hesitate to breakaway. I just wanted to try and did not expect to it last.

"In the first sprint, I could only keep up with the pace as I am not a sprinter and by the second sprint zone I would not sustain anymore," he said when met here today.

However, Abdul Rashid was involved in a minor accident in the first stage in Langkawi yesterday and admitted it affected his cycling rhythm today.....


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