- Asean A Long Way From Hosting FIFA World Cup In 2034 - Peter Velappan
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Asean A Long Way From Hosting FIFA World Cup In 2034 - Peter Velappan

Last update: 30/01/2014
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 (Bernama) -- Many aspects must be taken into consideration before pursuing a proposal for ASEAN countries to jointly bid for the 2034 World Cup said former Asian Football Confederation secretary-general Datuk Peter Velappan.

The bid is fraught with difficulties and challenges, namely logistics, standard of football in the region, diplomatic challenges and economic capability to host an event of such magnitude.

It is also felt that proceeding with the plan would throw up all sorts of prickly debates, among them the delicate task of deciding where the opening game would be played, which country hosts the final, which country's team automatically qualifies for the tournament.

Velappan who served as the Coordination Director of the Organising Committee for the 2002 FIFA World Cup that was jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan stressed that the country bidding to host the World Cup must also prepare a working paper on public facilities like public transport, capability to handle an influx of visitors who are expected to come and watch the World Cup.

He added that apart from the basic requirements, Malaysia's standard or rather ranking in the FIFA list must also improve so as to gain a foothold among nations playing football at the highest level.....


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