- Overall Performance In Myanmar Not Encouraging
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Overall Performance In Myanmar Not Encouraging

Last update: 22/12/2013
From Elmi Rizal Alias

NAYPYITAW, Dec 22 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian contingent's performance at the 27th Myanmar SEA Games which came to a close Sunday was nothing more than average after mustering 43 gold, 38 silver and 77 bronze and finishing fifth overall.

The 40-gold target set for the games was in itself a mediocre target to say the least and having surpassed that warrants nothing more than a tongue lashing for those who had set such a low standard.

Considering that the SEA Games is the lowest ranked multi-sport event in the region, the 43 gold medals won does not auger well for the future of Malaysian sports, especially so when Malaysia has managed to win only nine gold medals more than Singapore while the like of Myanmar and Vietnam have won 86 and 73 gold medals respectively.

Malaysia ruled supreme in only three of the 29 sports contested, winning the diving, hockey and karate.

The divers swept all eight gold medals at stake, while the men's and women's hockey teams captured both the gold medals at stake and karate went on to strike down seven of the 17 gold medals offered.....


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