- Malaysia Show Fighting Spirit In Quest For Gold
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Malaysia Show Fighting Spirit In Quest For Gold

Last update: 15/12/2013
From Elmi Rizal Alias

NAYPYITAW, Dec 14 (Bernama) -- Malaysia showed their fighting spirit by adding eight more gold medals at the 27th SEA Games today to bring the medal haul to 18 gold, 12 silver and 31 bronze medals and maintained the fifth spot.

In what seems to be a world record in women's hockey scoreline, Malaysia went on a rampage to beat Cambodia 36-0 on the 11th day of the Games.

The karate squad contributed the most with four gold medals through S. Senthil Kumaran, S. Shree Sharmini, A. Nisha and K. Syakilla Saini.

For more gold medals came from two swimmers, Daniel Bego and Khoo Cai Lin, women's badminton doubles pair Vivian Ho-Woon Khe Wei and M. Praveen Nair in the individual equestrian dressage event.

Meanwhile, Thailand leapt frog from the fourth spot to top the table with 33 gold, 30 silver and 30 bronze medals while Myanmar finished second with 31 gold, 29 silver and 28 bronze medals.....


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