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Melaka state government urged to discuss road closure with all parties involved

Last update: 10/10/2018
MELAKA, Oct 10 (Bernama) -- The villagers of Kampung Pulau Nibong affected by the recent closure of  Jalan Kampung Pulau Nibong-Taman Akasia, have urged the state government and elected representative to discuss the issue with all parties involved.

One of the villagers, Juliah Mohamat, 45, a bakery, said the state government and elected representative should not make the decision without discussing with all parties involved especially those affected by the closure.

She also expressed her annoyance when the discussion on the road closure was only carried out with the residents of Taman Akasia, while the Kampung Pulau Nibong villagers were unaware of the plan to close the road.

“The elected representative should bring all parties involved together to discuss the matter. After obtaining all information, then the best decision should be implemented, for the benefit of all parties.

“We (villagers) have no wish to create tensions or quarrel, we just want the problem to be resolved amicably,” said Juliah, former private college lecturer to Bernama here today.

The issue pertaining to Jalan Kampung Pulau Nibong-Taman Akasia’s closure went viral yesterday, where State Agriculture, Entrepreneur Development and Agro-based Committee chairman Norhizam Hassan Baktee, who is also Pengkalan Batu assemblyman, was seen raising his voice during a dialogue over a road dispute.

Explaining the road closure, Norhizam said yesterday that the move was implemented following a spate of road accidents and motorcycle thefts in the residential area.

Juliah, seen arguing with Norhizam in the video, said the closure had made it difficult for villagers in the area and residents of Bukit Beruang and Ayer Keroh to use the road as a short cut to facilitate their daily lives.

“There is also a suggestion for us to use another road in the flats area, but the road is small and causes traffic congestion, but if the road to be widen, then it shouldn’t be a problem for us to use it. But road closure will not solve the problems,” she said.

Meanwhile, another villager Rokiah Tompang, 70, said the road closure had made it difficult for her to go to the Pengkalan Batu Mosque, her daily routine after she was no longer working as an office cleaner.

She said Jalan Kampung Pulau Nibong-Taman Akasia was the main access for senior citizens such as herself to go to the mosque due to the good road conditions and street lights.

“I am sad to see what is happening now because I remember how my late father was laying the gravel for the road from scratch by carrying the rocks using trishaw so that the villagers have access to travel to nearby areas safely.

“But now the villagers are facing difficulties because of the same road,” she said.

Her younger sister Asiah Tompang, 65, said the majority of the residents in the village were single mothers and by right the state government and elected representative should play a role in facilitating their daily lives.

“We use this road daily and I wish everyone will show more compassion. The villagers here are not rich people, and we don’t have the money to go to court to settle the problem. So, please do help us here,” she said stressing that issue was not political but more of the people facing problems that require assistance from the state government and the elected representative.



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