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GE14: Two silat body leaders to contest in Perak

Last update: 17/04/2018
IPOH, April 17 (Bernama) -- Two leaders of a silat association today announced they would contest in the 14th general election as independent candidates in Perak.

They are Ibrahim Mat Zin, 68, better known as Raja Bomoh, the president of Persatuan Seni Silat Gayong Ghaib Malaysia, and Leman Kanaullah, 55, the deputy president of the association.

Ibrahim said he wanted to contest in the Bagan Datuk parliamentary constituency because he had many acquaintances there from among his silat students who wanted him to contest.

Leman said he wanted to contest in the state constituency of Pangkor.

Ibrahim is known for his strange 'bomoh' rituals of using, among others, coconuts and bamboo 'cannons'.....


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