- Only BN Can Provide For The People - Mahdzir Khalid
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Only BN Can Provide For The People - Mahdzir Khalid

Last update: 01/03/2018
BEAUFORT, March 1 (Bernama) -- Only Barisan Nasional can ensure the marketability of the people so that they do not miss out on the economic opportunities, said UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid.

This capability was based on the commitment of the government to ensure facilities were available for the convenience of the people, he said at a meeting with Beaufort UMNO Division members here today.

"In the past, it was difficult for ordinary cars to travel to many places in Sabah and one had to use four-wheel-drive vehicles. Now, many roads have been paved to facilitate travel to the districts.

"The BN government always strives to improve the lives of the people," he said.

Mahdzir, who is the education minister, expressed confidence that BN would recapture the Klias state seat from the opposition.....


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