- GE14: Labuan Wanita, Puteri UMNO Ready To Help Whoever BN Candidate Is
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GE14: Labuan Wanita, Puteri UMNO Ready To Help Whoever BN Candidate Is

Last update: 14/02/2018
LABUAN, Feb 14 (Bernama) -- The Labuan Wanita and Puteri UMNO wings have expressed readiness to help whoever is selected as the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, to win handsomely in the coming 14th General Election (GE14).

The incumbent Labuan Member of Parliament is Datuk Rozman Isli.

The coming GE14, dubbed the 'mother of all general elections' and expected to be the toughest GE ever, will not be a deterrent factor for the UMNO wings to move forward and make the BN candidate victorious.

Labuan Wanita UMNO chief, Datuk Aini Safar said the wings had gone through various challenges and became stronger.

"We started our people-oriented programmes from early days after the 13th General Election. The people of Labuan are with the ruling BN 6government, and we will continue to work to increase the majority," she told Bernama today.

She said the wings were only waiting for the Prime Minister's announcement to dissolve the parliament to make way for the GE.

Malaysia's 13th Parliament will automatically dissolve on June 24 this year.

Labuan had 24,457 registered voters in the last electoral rolls compared to 20,783 in the 2008 General Election.

A Labuan Information Department spokesman said the number as of last year had increased to 25,487,

Labuan Puteri UMNO chief Nur Erney Jamil said the increase in the number of members would greatly help the BN candidate in the coming GE.



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