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Babies with heart condition require donations for urgent surgery

Last update: 10/10/2019
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BUKIT MERTAJAM, Oct 9 -- Though finally being blessed with a child after 19 years of marriage, Zolhizan Zakaria, 42, and Masnorwati Abd Rashid, 37, continue to face more agony as their much-awaited child has a perforated heart.

Their five-month-old son Muhammad Aidil Firas relies on seven types of medication daily.

Director of One Hope Charity and Welfare Berhad, Chua Sui Hau said the boy was just two months old when his father realised that he was not breathing well.

The child was taken to Alor Setar Hospital where doctors confirmed that he had a heart disease.

"The dosage of the seven drugs he is currently on is too high and it is best for the child to have surgery as soon as possible,” said Chua said at a press conference here.

The couple needs RM70,000 for their child’s surgery.

Meanwhile, a 10-day-old baby girl, Nur Anis Zulaikha Mohd Shafizuan, has also been also diagnosed with a perforated heart and requires RM60,000 for surgery.

Nur Anis’ father, Mohd Shafizuan Rodzi, 24, who works as a handyman said his daughter was healthy at birth, but she turned blue whenever she had milk, adding that her breathing was also affected.

His daughter is now being treated at Alor Setar Hospital.

Those who want to donate for both the children can direct their contributions to Hope Charity and Welfare Berhad, through Public Bank account number 3201428817.

They can also call 016-4192192 or 04-5059800.


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