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Seremban free shuttle bus service, boon to local residents

Last update: 16/07/2019
SEREMBAN, July 16 (Bernama) -- The free shuttle bus service in Seremban town which has been implemented since March 23 this year, if fully utilised, is one good way to reduce the monthly expenses of the people living in the surrounding area.

Bernama’s checks found that most of the people using this service consist of the elderly who often traveled to hospital and to buy goods in the market as well as working individuals to commute between their homes and workplaces.

Housewife R. Rani, 58, said this bus services helped her with expenses due to her frequent visits to hospital for treatment.

“On average, I took the bus rides three times a week. Previously I have to spend between RM2 to RM4 to and fro… about RM10 weekly and it would come up to about RM50 a month.

“This bus services help me save money because I don’t need to pay anymore,” she said when met by Bernama here.

For another housewife, M. Muthuletchimy, 73, she used this free bus service to the market to buy daily necessities.

“I think this free bus service brings a lot of benefit to the people especially those who are less fortunate like us.

“Furthermore, the bus is also plying the focus areas, apart from free rides to and fro the market, I also managed to do other things such as settling utility bills and dealing with the bank,” she said.

Meanwhile, Telekom Malaysia retiree, Muhamad Budot, 70, said the bus service would reduce traffic congestion including parking problems at the hospital.

“Previously, to find parking at the hospital has been the main problem to many, so when people use this bus service, the problem of parking is directly reduced and only those who are in urgent need to park at the hospital parking area will use the facility.

However, there are passengers who feel that the service needs to be improved, including in terms of itinerary to ensure efficient services.

A private sector worker Amira Zainuddin, 26, said she had to wait longer for the bus service.

“However, the services provided by the state government are beneficial to the people as well as providing the convenience to move around.

The state-run programme, in collaboration with Cityliner Sdn Bhd, is the first free shuttle bus service in the state that serves the KM Plaza, Seremban Utara Post Office, Seremban main market, Haji Shariff Dol, Wisma Negeri, Seremban Municipal Council, Seremban Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Tuanku Jaafar Hospital, Seremban Health Clinic and KTM Seremban.

The service starts at 5.45am to 8.45pm.


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