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Group telling tall tale - Sabah Bersatu Youth wing chief

Last update: 12/06/2019
KOTA KINABALU, June 12 (Bernama) -- A certain group is a telling a “tall tale” that it was the prime mover of Bersatu’s entry into Sabah, said Sabah Bersatu Youth wing chief Mohd Isquzawan Israq Arsit.

He said there was a”puppet master” behind the group who was getting them to spin the yarn.

"I am surprised that this group suddenly emerged from nowhere. What is even more mysterious is that they claim that they are based in Pulai, Johor Bahru, an even succeeded in recruiting 18,000 members in Kudat.

“The Sabah Bersatu leadership has no knowledge whatsoever of this group or the individuals involved,” he said in a statement here today.

He was commenting on news reports that the group said to be led by Thomas Mojuga Tukang, who claimed to be the prime mover of Bersatu’s entry into Sabah, had left the party and brought along with him a number of leaders and members.

The peninsula-based party spread its wings to Sabah last February.

Mohd Isquzawan further claimed that Sabah Bersatu had received reports of individuals claiming to be its leaders but when exposed, started giving all kinds of lame excuses including that they had left the party.

He added that Bersatu was welcomed by many in Sabah because its leaders were people of calibre, committed to serve and of very high integrity.


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