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Media practitioners should avoid 'armchair journalism' - Mahfuz Omar

Last update: 12/02/2019
KUALA PERLIS, Feb 11 (Bernama) -- Media practitioners should avoid practising the ‘armchair journalism’ in efforts to deliver more accurate news to the public, said Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

He said inaccurate reports, particularly the inappropriate news would cause the community to feel uneasy and unsafe.

“Being informed and knowledgeable journalists, they should assist the government in delivering accurate information. As an experienced individual, journalist has the responsibility towards the country,” he said this is his speech at a dinner to celebrate the Labour Department of Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM) Perlis branch’s staff and media practitioners in the state here tonight.

Also present were Kuala Perlis assemblyman Noor Azam Karap, Indera Kayangan assemblyman Gan Ay Ling and JTKSM deputy director-general (management and development) Paeza Rosdi.

The ‘armchair journalism’ refers to news reports obtained by journalists from the newsroom without going out to the field to interview the sources.

Mahfuz said there were those who ventured into journalism solely due their interest and have no journalistic basis that had resulted in them publishing sensational news.

“It is not wrong if we want to criticise the leaders, but it must be done with a sense of responsibility so that the people will not become the victims of inaccurate news and information,” he said.

He also urged media practitioners to assist the government in driving the country by disseminating the government’s programmes, so that all forms of information would reach the people.


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