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Savouring the Dewy Charm of Janda Baik

Last update: 11/02/2019
By Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

BENTONG (Bernama) -- Nestled in a valley at the foothills of the Titiwangsa mountain range, Janda Baik is a good place for some rest and recreation for weary city folks.

Just a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur and surrounded by luxurious rainforests, picturesque waterfalls and burbling streams, the village has plenty of small resorts, chalets and homestays to meet the accommodation needs of visitors who head to Janda Baik during the weekends.

For the more discerning people seeking a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the spanking new Embun Luxury Villas may be a good choice.

Opened on Oct 1, 2018, the upmarket retreat boasts an enviable location as its eight villas sit atop a 300-metre-high hill overlooking lush forests and from where nearby destinations like Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi are visible.

"It's a new concept," pointed out its owner Datuk Dr Norraesah Mohamad. "One can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views from up here and it's really beautiful."


Whilst building the Balinese-style villas, every care was taken to preserve the pristine conditions of the site's natural elements and to ensure its contours and trees remain intact. Also left untouched were the fruit trees like durian and 'pulasan' that flourish in the resort's surroundings.

"Initially we planned to build 12 villa units but cut it down to eight in order to preserve this area's natural atmosphere," said Norraesah.

Where the villas are concerned, careful attention has been given to the elements of wood, space and privacy – spacious and sporting high ceilings, the units are detached and separated by a wall.

Visitors heading to Embun Luxury Villas are required to park their vehicles at a designated parking lot before they are ferried to the peak in a buggy. This not only reduces noise and air pollution at the resort but also protects the privacy of the guests.

Among the facilities available here are clubhouse, meeting and seminar space, gymnasium and restaurant. The resort also offers wedding, honeymoon and family holiday packages.


For Norraesah, water is an important element and hence, the presence of fish ponds and water fountains at strategic spots in the resort.

"It's so therapeutic to hear the sound of water as it makes one feel calm and serene," she said.

The villas also have their own private swimming pools. One particular unit not only comes with an infinity pool but also has the best spot to enjoy magnificent views of the sunrise.

And, at another villa, the swimming pool is situated as high as some durian trees growing in the wild in the area.

Norraesah also said that her resort was named after her mother, a tenacious woman who made sure her children received an education although she herself was illiterate.

"Also, 'embun' is the Malay word for dew and in a forested area like Janda Baik, we get a lot of dew early in the morning and the air is so fresh and cool... I really love the atmosphere here," she said.

Feeling that it is her responsibility to contribute to the economic development of the local community, Norraesah only hires Malaysians living in the villages around Janda Baik to work at her resort.

Translated by Rema Nambiar


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