- Instafamous Chef Whips Up Huge Fan Following
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Instafamous Chef Whips Up Huge Fan Following

Last update: 13/06/2018

Nurhayati Zainol Abidin, 41, (left) whose Instagram account is called Yatie Kitchen, poses with producer and actress Sheila Rusly (right). From 300 followers, comprising mainly friends and family members, in 2015, Nurhayati's Instagram account now has a whopping 245,000 followers consisting of not only ordinary Malaysians but also royalty, VVIPs and local celebrities. -- Photo courtesy of Nurhayati Zainol Abidin
By Sakini Mohd Said

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- When cooking is regarded as a chore, the end result is usually a mediocre dish.

When the same item is prepared by someone who has a great passion for cooking or by a loving mother who wants the best for her children, chances are it will turn out to be very delectable.

Wannabe chefs and anyone with a penchant for cooking who are eager to whip up new dishes and cuisines only have to look to the Internet for inspiration and plenty of recipes to guide them step by step.

In the past, recipes shared on the Internet came in text format but in recent years, in line with the advancement in technology, celebrity chefs and ordinary netizens have taken to uploading short videos of them demonstrating their culinary prowess on YouTube.

These days, however, the Instagram social media platform is fast gaining popularity as a medium for such videos.....


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