- UlatBulu Man Not Merely Promoting Self
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UlatBulu Man Not Merely Promoting Self

Last update: 08/03/2018
KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 (Bernama) -- 'UlatBulu Man' or caterpillar man is certainly creating a ripple in the local music scene with nearly 10,500 views to date, of the youtube video he uploaded on Feb 28 of his rendition of a song, Lagu Puisi Buat Perompak, that he composed with a fellow artiste.

Since then, he has been getting a lot of invitations, among them, to appear as a guest in Nine 11, a programme produced by Bernama News Channel (BNC) here.

Met after the programme, he disclosed that he was actually a recording artist with Tunable Records Bhd, and had chosen to go incognito as UlatBulu Man, ironically, to draw attention to a cause he is promoting through his songs.

"Hopefully the public would digest what I have to offer as I'm not doing it for mere publicity," he said.

On why he chose 'UlatBulu Man' as his stage name over any other, he said it was time Malaysia had a new comic-book superhero.....


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