- Vets Fear Iman Will Not Survive Bleeding In Uterus
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Vets Fear Iman Will Not Survive Bleeding In Uterus

Last update: 04/01/2018
KOTA KINABALU, Jan 3 (Bernama) -- Veterinarians fear that Iman, Malaysia's only female rhinoceros in captivity, may not survive as she continues to experience bleeding in her uterus.

Sabah Wildlife director Augustine Tuuga said the recent bleeding was severe, possibly due to a detached smooth muscle tumour inside her uterus.

"The main problem is that, with the massive bleeding in the uterus, cauterising the bleeders might be the only way to stop it.

"However, no known experts are available to do the procedure and the anesthetic risk is high. It is hard to say definitely if she will pull through if the bleeding is not stopped soon," he said in a statement here, tonight.

Tuuga hopes that prescribing a treatment known as Tranexamic acid, that had worked in previous three bleeding episodes in Iman, would help clot and stop the bleeding into the uterus.....


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