- Singer, Lyricist Beats Writer's Block With Action Figures
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Singer, Lyricist Beats Writer's Block With Action Figures

Last update: 03/01/2018

singer and lyricist Zuan Ishmael. --Zuan's Facebook.
By Siti Zubaidah Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 3 (Bernama) -- When singer and lyricist Zuan Ishmael, 39, gets the writer's block, he often turns to his collection of action figures for inspiration.

"Sometimes, when I run out of ideas for a song, I spend some time with these action figures which can reduce stress and, suddenly, an idea crops up," the vocalist of two music groups, Starmark and Soul Company, told Bernama.

Zuan, who is also a multimedia graphic designer, has over 500 models of Transformers characters as well as other animated series, such as Star Wars, estimated to be worth over RM100,000.

To him, each action figure character has its own set of features and a background story which can inspire him in his daily life.

"When I was small, the cartoon characters I watched had strong character and personality. As kids, we were attracted to them," said Zuan who began his collection during childhood.....


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