- Social Activist On Mission To Unify Community
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Social Activist On Mission To Unify Community

Last update: 11/07/2018

Kumaran (centre, bespectacled) with one of the families that he has been helping Foto Bernama
By Kurniawati Kamarudin

KUALA SELANGOR ( Bernama) -- The blue Perodua Kelisa car may have seen better days but it is a familiar vehicle for the people residing in the poorer sections of Bestari Jaya.

Its owner Kumaran Nagapa is ever ready to ferry people, who cannot afford to take public transport, to the government hospital in Sungai Buloh for their follow-up appointments or treatments.

At other times, he can be seen running up and down the stairs at some government office or other in Kuala Selangor trying to get help to resolve a host of problems faced by the locals, with the most pressing ones relating to applications for identity cards and seeking aid from the Social Welfare Department and Selangor Zakat Centre.

During weekends, he will be busy conducting tutorial classes for primary school children at a centre located within the compound of Masjid Al Awwabim in Bestari Jaya.

Helping people in need has become the daily routine for this 40-year-old busy bee who chose to become a social activist about six years ago.....


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