- Malaysians Unite To Help Each Other #pulangmengundi
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Malaysians Unite To Help Each Other #pulangmengundi

Last update: 12/04/2018
By Sakina Mohamed

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- When the Election Commission (EC) announced on April 10 that the 14th general election would be held on Wednesday, May 9, a buzz reverberated across social media platforms.

Apart from the concern that the polling day falls at the middle of the week, the other concern among Malaysians is the difficulty in getting the funds to travel back to their voting districts. This is a problem particularly for younger voters who live and work in different states and those who have to travel between East and West Malaysia in order to vote.

The potential difficulty have caused many Malaysians to reconsider undertaking the journey to vote but their fellow countrymen was not about to let them give up so easily.

Netizens across Facebook and Twitter have promptly kicked off a campaign to help fellow Malaysians get to the polling stations on Election Day.

A local daily's digital editor Joe Lee, on his account @klubbkiddkl created the hashtag #PulangMengundi (Malay for 'return to vote') to help match donors with registered voters seeking help to return home to vote.....


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