- Singapore Diary: Courteous People Paint A Good Picture Of Singapore
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Singapore Diary: Courteous People Paint A Good Picture Of Singapore

Last update: 11/04/2018
By Massita Ahmad Massita Ahmad, BERNAMA´s correspondent in Singapore shares her take on the Singapore capital city and its unique social narrative. SINGAPORE (Bernama) -- This is my third year in this island republic and I have certainly learnt a lot about the country and its people.

Undoubtedly Singapore is a developed nation and hence obviously enjoys good ratings when comes to security, cleanliness, efficiency, harmonious living and the list goes on.

Each time I return home and share my admiration for the neighbouring country in the South, my friends will tease me saying I have an inbuilt pre-disposition towards the city-state that was once part of Malaysia.

However, my observations are real and I feel that there are many things that Malaysians can learn from Singaporeans in creating a courteous and highly civilised society.

Though some frown over the kiasu culture (selfish attitude) in some segments of the society, here are some of my findings that tell of the real Singaporeans that many don't know. NOBILITY

While queuing up at a drink shop at Tanglin Mall, a Caucasian in front of me ordered fruit juice without sugar. The cashier turned towards the person making the drink and there was a long tete-a-tete between them.....


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