- Paradise Island Helps Turn Langkawi Into Water Sports Hub
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Paradise Island Helps Turn Langkawi Into Water Sports Hub

Last update: 01/03/2018

Paradise Island, Langkawi
By Hamdan Ismail

LANGKAWI (Bernama) -- A visit to Langkawi in 2012 left such an indelible impression upon Dr Ravi Ponniah that he contrived a plan to tap into the island's tourism potential.

The Melaka-born medical doctor cum entrepreneur, who currently resides in the United Kingdom, returned to Langkawi in 2015 to put his plan into action and, in the process, add another tiny island to the archipelago.

His marine leisure and water sports company Naam Sdn Bhd is the owner and developer of Paradise 101, a one-hectare man-made island that literally surfaced out of the emerald green waters off Langkawi.

Located close to Telaga Harbour Marina in Burau Bay on the north-west coast of Langkawi, Paradise 101 is a water sports hub and also provides cruising and other services.

Targeting mainly day trippers, the island currently does not have accommodation but visitors can seek the management's permission to camp on the beach.....


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