- Harbin, The Winter Wonderland Beckons Malaysian Tourists
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Harbin, The Winter Wonderland Beckons Malaysian Tourists

Last update: 26/02/2018
From Nor Hamzeela Hambali

HARBIN (Heilongjiang) (Bernama) -- Though the temperature drops to the minus range in the winter, the snow covered Harbin is still a marvel for any visitor.

Harbin, a city in the northeast of China, is a winter wonderland, known world over for the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, held annually from Jan 5 to the end of February.

The festival has been ongoing since 1963, except for the hiatus during the cultural revolutionary period before resuming in 1985. This year's festival is the 34th edition.

Nonetheless, the 'Ice City' is not much known to Malaysians, except for the fact the unique ice figurines andsculptures, ice buildings and the snow highlighted by the media once a year during the festival.

Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province, attracts many visitors from home and abroad during the winter.....


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