- Robotics Technology Set To Boost Country's Growth
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Robotics Technology Set To Boost Country's Growth

Last update: 23/02/2018
By Nur Fadhliana Shaari

JOHOR BAHRU (Bernama) -- Robotic technology and application have become an integral part of the manufacturing and medical industry today.

In some local companies, such technology has even taken over certain tasks previously performed by humans.

To enhance its expertise in robotic technology, Malaysia has been collaborating with nations like China, which has invested in the upgrading and increase of the country's technical expertise and knowledge in the field.

These kind of collaboration is expected to increase the number of manpower skilled in robotics following the government policy of encouraging foreign investors to engage in technology transfers.

The manager of Production and Marketing for Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) Engineering Muhammad Husni Md Zain supports this development and describes the evolution of the robotics industry in the country as a positive one.....


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