- Why Is Corporate Identity Important For Any Business?
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Why Is Corporate Identity Important For Any Business?

Last update: 09/02/2018
By Ravindran Raman Kutty

A Commentary by Ravindran Raman Kutty, an avid writer, community worker, an award winning communications practitioner and a social activist, with a profound love for the environment, shares his views on the significance of corporate identity.

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Corporate identity may refer to what we talk about our own identity, and the specifics that differentiate us from others. It is our personality and character that maintains our individuality, which we express through our behavior, speech, attire, mannerism, style or even the vehicle that we drive.

Similarly, a business makes itself distinct through its global image, presented through i.e. business cards, letterheads, brochures, corporate persona, advertisements, corporate social responsibility programs, product packaging, the font type, the colour, livery, office ambiance, washroom, its plant's overall facilities management and cleanliness, its reception, staff uniform or even its company vehicles. It is a physical expression of the company's brand, an extension of the culture that is already expressed through communication style and behavior exhibited to maintain the image of the business.

Corporate Identity expresses your business's brand personality and distinguishes you apart from your competitors. Simple steps to take in ensuring maximum benefits:

Corporate Persona

When we meet a person, select a product or a company, it is the first impression that lasts forever. We tend to gather cues from what we see and feel, interpreting our observations to form our opinion about the person, product or company. To stand out from their competitors, every company needs to have a good corporate persona, usually the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) whom people will look up to, and who stands for his products, services and of course his people. Great examples are Richard Branson of Virgin Group and our own Tony Fernandez of Air Asia. This two-successful brand persona have a niche in the client's mind by having a unique, pleasing appearance and identity.


Collaterals are equally important as they set the unique presence of your product, service and image of your organization. The moment your business card is presented to your customer, they will immediately form an opinion or further help to reassure their opinion on your product or service. Likewise your envelopes, letter heads, livery on all the products will also provide greater affection, trust or hatred depending on the track record of your product or service. No one believes in a product that has a tainted image or reputation. Shell, Nestle, Air Asia, Padini, John Master, Maybank, Public Bank are some products and services which need not much convincing anymore.


Those companies or products that are established have to also be mindful of the advertisements that they make. They have to be sure of the medium, timing and contents of the advertisements. For example, Coca Cola was bold enough to advise their customers to not consume Coca Cola, and to be wise with the amount consumed by them as they mentioned that the consumption of their product contributed to the cause of diabetes among many consumers. This takes extreme amount of courage and risk for any starters to embark upon. Your messaging is critical to position your product without any inkling towards any political parties, religion or social norms of any societies.....


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