- Mama Africa's Endeavour For The Betterment Of African Women
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Mama Africa's Endeavour For The Betterment Of African Women

Last update: 28/12/2017
By Balqis Jamaludin

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- The women in Sudan are gentle and soft spoken.

However, don't be misled by this gentleness as underneath the tenderness lies a strong will to see their country continue to prosper and stamp its mark not only in the African region but worldwide as well.

Dr Suad El-Fatih Al-Badawi, 85, is one of these women. Known for her advocacy of women's rights, the Sudanese academic, politician and journalist, is determined to see Africans, especially the women, live a better life and free from poverty.

Despite of her age, Dr Suad, who likes to be referred as 'Mama Suad' still works on through various projects to empower African women and ensure that they are treated equally.

"Be a strong woman. I like strong women. If we put our hands together we can overcome all obstacle," Mama Suad said in a stern tone during an interview with a group of Bernama journalists who visited Sudan recently.....


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